Monday, February 03, 2014

Star Wars: Where Are All The Super Soldiers?

No, I don't mean the Clone Army.  I mean the Jedi.

This is something indirectly triggered by JK Rowling's comments that in the Harry Potter books, Hermione probably should have ended up with Harry instead of Ron.

My friend Elliot suggested that while it doesn't change anything, it will still annoy hardcore fans, much like the midichlorians in Star Wars.  Tim, however, disagreed, and thought the midichlorians changed quite a lot.

Now, the midichlorians never bothered me before.  On the face of it, they don't really change anything.  It merely provides an unnecessary (if vague) biological explanation why some people have more potential to control The Force than others.

But then I momentarily considered the consequences of giving a biological explanation to this.

Namely: Science.  And scientists.

If you have more control over The Force with greater numbers of midichlorians, then why has no one artificially raised their midichlorian count in order to become a Jedi?  If the technology exists for interstellar space travel then a bit of genetic engineering shouldn't be beyond the scientists of the galaxy.

I could see why the Jedi Council haven't indulged - they're trying to keep order in the galaxy and untrained powerful Jedi everywhere wouldn't help with that.  Similarly, the Sith want to maintain control - The Emperor is perfectly happy destroying everything Jedi to leave himself and Vader to rule the roost.

However, midichlorians are in everyone.  So every mad scientist has access to them, to replicate them and implant them in ordinary mortals.  And there's an entire race of people in the galaxy dedicated to cloning people for money.  Someone in the galaxy must have tried to create an army of Super Jedi.  They'd have wiped the floor with the Clone Army.  So what happened?


(Incidentally, as this post makes a brief mention of Harry Potter, might I recommend Diary Of A Hufflepuff?  It's amazing.)

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