Saturday, July 06, 2013

Dear NGOs, *THIS* is how you promote your work

These days I avoid looking at charity posters on the Tube.  More often than not, they're crass, they're tasteless, they portray poor people as helpless and their situation hopeless.

It makes me very angry, because I've worked for NGOs, and do you know what inspires me about their work?  It's the potential of every single person they help.  It's the fantastic difference that is made through a joint effort between everyone involve, and the belief that the difference can be made.

It feels like a massive betrayal for NGOs to then turn around and define these wonderful people simply by the desperate situation in which they find themselves.  Because it often is desperate, and they often need a leg-up.

But before I dig into my pocket and donate to a cause, I want to know what difference my donation will make.  I don't want it turned into a competition over whose poverty is the worst.  I want to be inspired, and to know that my donation will not be squandered.  I want to be told more about the future, than about the past.

And that is why this video is AMAZING.

Watch it until the very end.

[YouTube link]

Hat-tip to my good friend Elin, with whom I worked in Tanzania nearly a decade ago, and who now spends most of her time teaching in Cambodia.

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  1. I saw yet another charity advert I disapproved of the other day for simply guilt-tripping people into donations, and I remembered this post. Time to share again, methinks. Splendid video in every way.


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