Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Movie Poster Quiz!

This year I spent Christmas Day with Laura's family.  Her dad suggested that we make up a quiz to send out to the various branches of the family around the world, and then Skype up with the results on Christmas Day.

So I decided to make a movies round, specifically recreating Christmas movie posters using myself, my (and sometimes Laura's) wardrobe, and Photoshop.  And also Laura.  Although the slightly disturbing thing is that I only had to use Laura for one of the eight movie posters.  Because the other seven only featured men.

Which reminds me of the Bechdel Test.  To pass it, a film has to feature two named female characters who have a conversation with each other about something that isn't men.

So, two things.

1) Can you work out which movie posters I've recreated?
2) Hollywood is sexist, but this is so normal that most of the time we don't even notice it.  Discuss.

No cheating!


[Edit] A few people have commented they can't see the pictures above on their phones - that's because it's an embedded pdf. I've now added all the pictures below as well:

Movie 1:

Movie 2:

Movie 3:

Movie 4:

Movie 5:

Movie 6:

Movie 7:

Movie 8:

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