Wednesday, November 09, 2011

THIS IS A BAD THING. Do you agree that (a) it is a bad thing, and (b) something should be done about it?

Here is a picture of a peaceful protest
that has nothing to do with the riots.
Today @programmed2run sent me a link to an article reporting that:
70 Percent Of Brits Would Agree With
Shutting Down Twitter During Civil Unrest
It's a shitpot of bad statistics.  I guess, falling short of a majority, the actual figure of 48% wasn't enough to make the story interesting, even though it's an alarming enough figure in itself.

But then All Twitter, the site bearing the article, don't seem to worry too much about accuracy.  They accompanied an article about the August riots with a picture of a pensions strike march.

Monday, November 07, 2011

"I got nothing"

"When I was made redundant last year as part of the UK Govt cutbacks, needed as a result of the banks and our bankrupt economic systems, I got nothing.  No redundancy pay, as I had been in "that" job less than two years and my previous employment didn't count."
From this update on the Robin Hood Tax blog.  For the full comment scroll down to the large passage by Simon14 on Friday 4th November at 18:22.

In not-entirely-unrelated news, a few feet away from me in a sealed envelope is a public sector strikes ballot paper with my cross on it, waiting to be posted.