Sunday, July 31, 2011

Learning Through Play: My New Card Game, Featuring Oliver Letwin!

Hey everyone!  I've just invented a new card game.  It's called Political Belief Trumps.  It's like Top Trumps, only the rules are completely different.


Don't be!  It's easy as pie.  The best way to learn is to do, so let's have a practice round.

I'm going to start by dealing out the Character Cards.  Now, it's your first time, so we'll just start with two of them.  And I'll make it nice and easy by picking two that are totally different.  Ready or not, here we go!

Now I'm going to deal out the Belief Cards.  Each of them has a political belief printed on it, corresponding to one of the two men.  All you have to do is match each political belief to the correct character.  What could be simpler?!

Of you go.  Just group them together!  Which opinions do you think belong in the 21st Century, and which are from the early 1800s?

Done?  Excellent.  Let's see how you did!  Just click here and here to check your answers.

So how did you do?!

All Wrong:  "Help!  Help!  I'm being repressed!"  You are ordered to clear away your desk and security escort you from the premises.  Then security escort themselves from the premises.  The whole building's been made redundant because of your poor performance!  I bet your pensions are still alright though, aren't they, you greedy public sector parasites?

Half Right:  You get to keep your job this time.  But management are at pains to point out that a better description for your score would be "Half Wrong", you diseased lefty louse.

Full Marks:  Well done!  The powers-that-be have created an extra management position just for you, and your promotion results in two less important workers being laid off!  The tax-sucking leeches.  If you're a man you're given a new tie to match those of your new colleagues.  If you're a woman you agree to be sterilised to prevent you wasting taxpayers' money even more than you already have.

I might take this on Dragons' Den.  That new one with all the shoulder pads'll love it.


  1. I think I got it because I know about Robert Owen and know Letwin is ... um ...

    I don't think I can write what I think Letwin is.

  2. splendid!
    just put it up on and watch it grow.


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