Sunday, July 31, 2011

Learning Through Play: My New Card Game, Featuring Oliver Letwin!

Hey everyone!  I've just invented a new card game.  It's called Political Belief Trumps.  It's like Top Trumps, only the rules are completely different.


Don't be!  It's easy as pie.  The best way to learn is to do, so let's have a practice round.

I'm going to start by dealing out the Character Cards.  Now, it's your first time, so we'll just start with two of them.  And I'll make it nice and easy by picking two that are totally different.  Ready or not, here we go!

Now I'm going to deal out the Belief Cards.  Each of them has a political belief printed on it, corresponding to one of the two men.  All you have to do is match each political belief to the correct character.  What could be simpler?!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Will The Revolution Begin In Lord Sugar's Boardroom?

Che-man Ma?
Was Episode 8 the first step?

This is a guest post by Artic Sixpence.

'The revolution is on BBC1.'  Those words were scribbled awkwardly across the Wednesday ITV3 listings in last week's issue of the Radio Times, in my handwriting.

On June 16, Episode 7 of The Apprentice was aired and the unmissable went unmentioned.  In that week the losing team members were malignantly sent to commiserate on their failure, for the nation's voyeuristic entertainment, in a different café to usual.  After a public uprising by outraged students and activist groups that went deafeningly unreported in the traditional oppressive right-wing media, the domineered contestants' café rights were restored belatedly in Episode 8.