Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Teachers Pensions Strikes - My article in @middlebrowmag

The Teachers Pension Strikes

On Thursday 30th June, two of the three main teaching unions – the NUT and ATL – will stage a one-day strike over changes to the Teachers Pension Scheme. My own union, the NASUWT, continue to fight the changes through the courts. As such, I’ve yet to be balloted on the issue, but I shall be cheering on my colleagues from the sidelines.

I don’t want to strike. I didn’t support the NUT when they went on strike over pay in 2008. But this is so very different. For a start, the ATL are going on strike with them. The ATL. This is the first time in their 127-year history that they will have participated in a national strike – not only that, they’ve never even had a ballot on it before.

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