Sunday, May 08, 2011

Education, Motivation & Personal Satisfaction

Laura was shown this video at a training day at work last week and told me about it today.  It's largely about how out-dated our approach to education is.

It reminded me of another video, which has been in my favourites on YouTube for some time, and I go back to it every so often.  It's about what drives people, and explains perfectly why I do such ridiculous amounts of stuff outside of work - the silly comics and stories, the acting classes, the stand-up, the sexual health stuff and most importantly the Hoja Project.

Together the two videos explain why I often find the English education system so hard to work in.  And it turns out they were both animated by the same people.

[Edit to add] Shortly before Laura mentioned the first video, I'd noticed an advert for Sightsavers on the train. The advert had the headline:
Every wipe of his eyes takes Talla closer to blindness
You can see the video version of the advert here.

I hate that kind of advertising. It's so negative. The TV spot I've linked to really nails the tone, right down to the depressing music and the sombre narration. It's dripping with pity.

I want a charity to make me feel excited about all the projects they run that improve people's lives, not try to make me feel sorry for poor people and guilt-trip me into donating.

That's what makes me want to give over my free time and skills, and put my heart into something. The excitement of believing in what can be achieved.

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  1. I agree, especially on the charity front. I actively seek out charities who are enthused by what they do - passion and action FTW!



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