Monday, April 18, 2011

#AVreferendum: Nick Clegg's Bloody Nose

The Alternative Vote Referendum In Numbers

One of the more common arguments you'll hear against voting "YES" is that Nick Clegg is campaigning for it, so you should vote "NO" just to piss him off.

YES, he betrayed millions of LibDem voters.
YES, he sold his soul to the Tories in order to secure this referendum.
But NO, deciding to punish him in this way doesn't really achieve anything, apart from significantly reducing the chances of proper electoral reform in our lifetimes.

We don't often get national referendums in this country - this is only our second ever.  If you want to vote "NO" because you think it's the right decision based on the facts, then fine, but the worst thing you can do is vote "NO" or even refuse to vote just because one politician pissed you off.

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  1. Quite right.

    Chances are the system we end up with after the referendum will last a lot longer than Nick Clegg's political career - or indeed any politician on the go today.


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