Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bang! And The Moustache Is Gone

Thanks to all the people who donated to the Hoja Project over the course of this little obsession.  It's raised £312.76 in total.

On Tuesday I finally stood up on stage, on my own, in a room full of strangers, and tried to be funny. With moderate success, I think. I'm sure there are lots of things I could improve on, but given what a state I was in for two days running up to the gig, I'm not entirely convinced I'd put myself through it again.

Having said that, I'm a perfectionist, and I'm not sure I could leave myself at a status of merely adequate without trying to improve on it.

I'm a bit too explainy at times and I say "You know" and "Er" a bit too often, but I'm fairly pleased with the outcome. I didn't die on stage and it sounded like I was getting more laughs at the time than you can hear in the video.  Maybe because it seems much longer when watching it back so the laughs are more noticeably spread out.

I'm particularly pleased that I didn't feel to pressured and nervous during the actual performance, despite the random draw for order of performances, which left me as the last act out of twenty (yes, TWENTY) on the night.  It also gave me the opportunity to watch the atmosphere and rewrite my routine several times over in my head, and also refer back to jokes other people had made (one woman said her Maths teacher had been a pervert, which will help explain the first 10 seconds of my act).

The video, by the way, will be available to watch for a week only before I make it private. If you're lucky it may be up slightly longer than that but I'm offering no guarantee.

Those who want to donate, or even become regular donors (which we'd really really appreciate), you can find out how on the Hoja Project Website.

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