Friday, July 09, 2010

What Do You Reckon? David Cameron Would Like To Know

Well, I suppose it had to happen eventually.  Government by uninformed public forum.  The coalition would like the views of the ordinary man on the street on how to save money, because apparently the opinions of their qualified economic expert advisers aren't enough.

And how are they going to implement this?  Well, Facebook, of course.  Because you're opinion matters, but only if you are registered with a social networking site with questionable ethics and unrealistic farming simulations.  Rather than designing a website that is actually designed for the purpose.  Or, God forbid, actively seeking out members of the public with whom to engage.

What's really troubling is how Cameron and Zuckerberg can both say so little and yet sound so terrifying at the same time.  A meaningless forum for people to offer opinions that can safely be ignored so long as it produces the illusion of public engagement.  A forum that requires you to join something else entirely first if you want permission to engage with it.

Do they not know what happens when you open up a public forum on the Internet for whoever wants to offer their opinion, rather than specifically targeting the opinions of people who, oh I don't know, might actually be basing their opinion on some measure of fact?  Have they never even heard of BBC Have Your Say?

Though, in the end, I suppose it's only a natural extension of rolling 24 hour news coverage.  We've been fed the lie for so long that it's the number of opinions that's the important thing, rather than the quality, that perhaps some of us have actually started believing it.

video found via Keiran Turner

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