Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Moustache-Based Target

Okay, I've been mulling this over.  Dressing up at the weekend was quite enjoyable.  It was amongst friends.  They all understood and knew what I was doing.

However, deciding to show the video to my Sixth Form class today was less enjoyable.  They don't know what I'm really like, and I think I confused and slightly scared them, and embarrassed myself quite a lot.  It was excruciating...

...but important.

If I'm asking people to donate money to the Hoja Project, then I think it's necessary for me to look as stupid and awkward as possible.

Which is why my new target is:

If the Hoja donation page reaches £5,250 before the moustache is shaved off (no earlier than 3rd July) then I'll do a stand up routine dressed as I am in the video.   

If you donate you may make a suggestion about the routine.  I won't guarantee I'll go with it, but I'll go with as many as possible.  You've got a better chance if you keep it clean but unusual (as part of the deal I may well deliberately video this and then show it to my pupils on purpose).

This target may be flexible, and I may break it down into mini-targets approaching the £5,250, each more embarrassing than the last.

So it's likely that, say, £5,100 will get you a stand-up routine with me dressed normally.  £5,150 will get you something a little bit more foolish, and so on.  As suggestions are made I'll make clear pledges on this.

And here's that video again for those who can't be bothered to click the links above:

PS. I've never ever done any stand up before. Standing on my own on stage terrifies me, especially if I'm not well prepared. Which I almost certainly won't be.

PPS. Do pass this on to your friends and get them to donate too.  I'll make sure I advertise where the stand-up is going to be so you can see it live if you are able.

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