Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr Hatchard's Magnificent Moustache (At The Joinee Olympics)


I'm still mulling over what possible targets I could set for 3rd July.  I don't think I'll keep it any longer than that, but I would like to raise a little bit more by making a fool of myself in public.

Further donations at justgiving.com/hoja please and thank you, and you can find out how to become a regular supporter at hojaproject.org.

Here's what my Year 9s thought of the moustache when I gave them scraps of paper to write their comments on last week (some are pictorial so I had to scan them in):

"It looks awesome but it needs to be bigger and dyed green. and you need a beard!"



"Greatly situated on your face.  Better than that scruffy look."

"looks like one of the three Muskateers"

"Looks OK, like to see it kept"


"Your moustache is as incredible Edmund Blackadder moustache and as funny as Mr Bean and gifted as Rowan Atkinson"

"Makes him look old fashioned, all he needs is a bowler hat."


"I can't actually see it when I look at you from the back of the room."

"Should be more bushy and called bob, or a better name like bob Jr."


"I think it would look good if you curled the sides or do a Poirot Moustache.  At the moment, it looks a bit dodgy."

"Unusual and old-fashioned"

"No comment."

"It makes him look like a Pirate. :) Its cool though."

"He looks even cooler than normal."

"What a swagger moustache! but you need a beard as well"

"It would be better if it was curled"

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