Sunday, June 06, 2010

£12.76 By 9pm Tonight Or The Moustache Gets It...

This week I have been in a play.  We have been hamming up some rather splendidly silly radio plays once performed in all seriousness in the 1940s.

Entering into the spirit of the period, I took this opportunity to regrow my beard and then strategically shave it into a magnificent moustache.  Only, it doesn't look so magnificent when I'm in my normal clothes, spectacles and unstyled hair.  In fact, it looks ridiculous.

Tomorrow, it's the end of the school holidays.  Those of you who know I'm a secondary school maths teacher by day will recognise the significance of this.  I teach teenagers.

So yesterday I tweeted this.  I suggested that if £50 was donated to the Hoja Project by 6pm today, I'd keep the moustache for work tomorrow.

That was probably a little ambitious, on a hot weekend.  Not that many normal people like to spend such a time at home looking at their computer screens.  So I'll do a little deal with you.

If you manage to get the total on the Hoja Donations Page up to £4,800 by 9pm, it'll stay on for tomorrow at least.  That's just £12.76 in a little over 5 hours.  Perfectly doable.  

A further £25 (a total of £4,825) by the same time on Monday evening, and it'll stay on for Tuesday as well. 

Wednesday's my day off, so I'll leave it for then too.  If it reaches £4,850 by 9pm on Wednesday it'll stay on until the end of the school week.

The Hoja Project is, of course, the charity I helped set up in my friend's village in Tanzania a few years ago.  We sponsor secondary school pupils who cannot afford their fees, we have a vocational training centre (VTC) that teaches carpentry, building and tailoring, and we offer microfinance loans to local people (particularly women) to help them set up small businesses and become financially independent.

If you're wondering why you should donate to a project that seems to have exceeded its fundraising target, then you should know that the target on the donation page is rather abitrary.  The page has been open for several years, and is simply the easiest way to donate online to us.  The more money raised, the more people the project can help.

Suggestions for extending targets to £4,900 and £5,000 are welcome.  I still have the Bryl Creem, by the way.  It's horrible stuff, but I'll pollute my hair with it if the money's right.

"Right.  You have your assignment.  Get going."


  1. Your students will thank me, and that makes it easily worthwhile.

  2. Marvellous. Thanks Jonathan. Now just 22.76 until it has to stay on Tuesday as well.


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