Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saturday School - All For The Good Of The Children (And Not The Convenience Of The Parents, In Any Way, At All)

Michael Gove, the Tory Shadow Schools Secretary, has been telling the ATL that disadvantaged pupils would benefit from staying in school for longer hours and on Saturdays.

Potentially of course this would be a wonderful idea, provided it didn't wasn't just entirely extra normal lessons and provided fun learning experiences for the children, exploring beyond the restrictions of the curriculum, and didn't just load more work onto the already overburdened teachers, or give pupils a more negative attitude to school.  Somehow, I doubt it would be implemented with such thoughtfulness, though.

Never mind.  At least the Tories are doing this for the poor children and not for the convenience of their parents, right?
"Parents would love to have schools starting earlier in some circumstances, and certainly going on later in the afternoon, given the reality of [their] working lives," he said.
Oh.  Perhaps not then.

In related shock news, rent-a-quote lobby group Parents Outloud say something sensible in response:
Margaret Morrissey, of the lobby group Parents Outloud, said: "I think the suggestion the government made about one-to-one teaching for these kids would be a more preferable way of improving these children's performance.

"I am just not sure whether taking away a child at weekends is actually going to make them cleverer in the week."
Wonders will never cease.


  1. Unfortunately it is more likely to be for the convenience of the parents' employers. As it is schools are really only there to provide free childcare for the workforce.

  2. Sadly, you're not far wrong. Schools are viewed that way by many, but they do of course do far more than that.


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