Thursday, February 18, 2010

PCC Rules That Jan Moir Didn't Break Guidelines In Stephen Gately Article

This is utterly ridiculous, and will be commented on effectively elsewhere, so I'm not going to post a massive rant - just a couple of links to other people's blogs.

First up, for a more serious look at why this ruling is completely typical of the ineffectual PCC, here's Tabloid Watch.

Second, for those who enjoy the ranting of idiots, Army of Dave has been looking at the eternally bemusing BBC's Have Your Say.

As MacGuffin of Tabloid Watch has just pointed out to me on Twitter, the BBC Have Your Say question isn't even strictly relevant - the point is that Moir outright lied, not that she merely offended people.

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  1. Exactly. The main point is that Moir's article was full of lies and inaccuracies and nasty allegations thrown around just like that.


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