Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Was The Holocaust Really All That Bad?

Well, yes, of course it was.  Why would I even bother asking?

You might say the same of the BBC's new Have Your Say debate, which is breaking new ground by asking "Should Homosexuals Face Execution?"  Except that the answer in this case would be "No".

Yes yes, Have Your Say is always populated by bigots and morons, so it's no surprise that some people are actually supporting Uganda's proposed gay death penalty, but that's not really the point.  Why are they being given a platform at all?

I'm not a no-platformer - I supported the Beeb's decision to put Nick Griffin on Question Time - but this is simply an open invitation to post seemingly unmoderated bile on a publicly funded forum.

Thankfully by now the most offensive comments have been voted down a bit.

Another thing about Uganda's proposed law is, it's not just the death penalty for gay people.  It's jail terms for anyone who talks about (or "promotes") homosexuality.   They're going all out on this one.

via @antonvowl, @SohoPolitico

BBC Complaints Form


  1. It is also about force people to snitch on gays (or perhaps whoever they don't like) for fear of being charged themselves.
    Although there were hints last week that at least the death penalty would be removed from the bill in favour of a "a more refined set of punishments". Whatever that is.

  2. Yeah, I'd heard they might be cutting back, so this appearing surprised me even more.

    Rwanda are reportedly considering criminalising homosexuality now as well. (via)

  3. Oh, and of course I can't go posting about Have Your Say without mentioning Speak Your Branes.

    Silly me for forgetting. Thanks Gareth for reminding me.

  4. I am all in favour of giving a platform to everybody, regardless of opinion. Although I may disagree with much of what is said by other people - as is the case with the Ugandan stance on homosexualtiy - I think that banning them from voicing their opinions is a slippery slope.


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