Thursday, November 12, 2009

They Work For You: Debate on Maternal Health in the Commons

For some time I've been receiving various email alerts whenever specific people say anything or whenever key words are mentioned in the House of Commons.  I get this through They Work For You, which is an excellent resource.

I'm not going to write a proper blog post about it, but I just received an email that included a debate about maternal deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa, which I found interesting and depressing in equal measure.

I'll just leave you with a short quote from Gareth Thomas MP, Minister of State, DfID:
"In sub-Saharan Africa, 250,000 women die each year from pregnancy-related complications.  In some countries, the figure is much higher. Almost half the maternal deaths occur in just four countries: Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia and Tanzania."
Those of you who know me will see why I picked out that particular snippet.

Advertising expenditure figures on various health issues are also quite revealing.

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