Monday, November 16, 2009

It Must Be A Slow News Day

You know you're bending the definition of newspaper when your front page story was dissected and discredited three weeks before publication.

Never mind, eh?  Presumably they took a second look at the research that Chemicals used in plastics feminise the brains of little boys 'so that they avoid rough and tumble games', and decided there must have been at least some scientific rigour from which we can all learn.
The women, who gave birth to 74 boys and 71 girls, were contacted again when their children were aged four to seven and asked about the toys the youngsters played with, the activities they liked and their personalities.
Small sample size?  Simplistic measurements?  Apparent lack of any kind of experimental control?

It's science.

Credit to Cath Elliott for the far more detailed blog post of three weeks ago.

In other news, something in the Sun annoyed me on Saturday and I couldn't resist writing my first Quail.

[Edit: Sadly, now it seems the BBC are at it too.  It's not far off being a carbon copy of the Mail article.  Thanks to Simon for the spot.]


  1. Congratulations on your first Quail - a very good piece.

  2. Cheers Simon. :-)

    Congratulations to you too - your wedding's so close!


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