Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I'm Not Suggesting That Scientists Are Just As Bad As Hitler, But...

According to the Daily Mail today, in a variation on their usual "I'm not racist, but.." approach, Professor Nutt would have got on famously with old Adolf.   [Edit: I've changed the link to a twitpic of the original article - the Mail had removed the picture of Hitler from the page.]

No, I'm not kidding.  This isn't even worth writing a proper blog post.

But do join in with PollJack's new campaign and vote "Yes" to "Should alcohol and tobacco be reclassified as more dangerous than Ecstasy or LSD?"

[Edit: An excellent blog post by Nick Cohen on Godwin's Law, which is the law that any debate that rages long enough will end with someone comparing something to Hitler or the Nazis, and thus losing the argument.]


  1. Annoyingly they've removed the ability to comment on that article. I just remembered an excellent case study that contradicts what is said by A N Wilson, brought up in a Skeptics in the Pub meeting.

    Brilliantly, it involves Kazakhstan.

  2. Yay for Kazakhstan!

    It really should be possible to win any argument by invoking an example from that country.


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