Saturday, October 03, 2009

Premier League Predictions - The September Table...

At the start of the football season I challenged you to make predictions about the Premier League this season, in aid of the Hoja Project.

Well this is how it would stand if the Premier League were to end this season.  And despite getting her excuses in quickly, Katie is making an early push to win some piece of Tanzanian football tat.

1. Katie (48pts)
2. Martin (54pts)
3. Abad (55pts)
=4. Phil H/Phil C (58pts)
6. Sean (60pts)
7. Anthony (62pts)
8. Hysen (74pts)

Monthly standings so far for those who want to geek out on the stats.

I should also point out that I shall be naming and shaming those who haven't paid up yet...


  1. Arse. I was going to contribute to this, although I know nothing about football. I won't enter, but as soon as I am paid (I await money from Nature and the BBSRC with baited breath) I shall send a small contribution.

  2. Cheers matey. :-)

    If you want you can make predictions anyway, but you won't win the prize. Like me.

  3. Just got this message from COCO, our partners in Hoja:

    "It might be a good idea to tell people the following:

    1) Make sure they don’t mark themselves as anonymous

    2) They can’t claim giftaid as there is a chance that they may win a prize therefore this disqualifies them from giftaid

    3) Justgiving charges for each donation received so people can either make a £0.50 donation on top or make payment another way. "


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