Thursday, October 01, 2009

Invasive Virginity Tests for Girls

A post by London Muslim today links to a story in the Copenhagen Post about an "increasing number of young Muslim women being sent to doctors to prove that they are virgins".

Sadly a quick Google search reveals that it's not just a problem amongst Muslims in Europe, and nor is it only a matter of male hypocrisy or "feudal thinking".

In July 150 Indian brides were reportedly forced to undergo virginity tests before participating in a state-run mass wedding (Link 1, Link 2), and it exists in some African communities, both inside and outside the continent, driven by fear of HIV, and controlling religious parents.  And that's without turning to page 2 of the search results.

That last link is particularly frightening.  Contrary to what "Dad" might think, his "hometown back in West Africa" certainly did not "have a reliable way of knowing a daughter's virginity was in tact". Because virginity tests are not only a demeaning invasion of a young girl's body and completely unnecessary, they are not reliable.

I can't imagine that this has been publicly discredited to the same extent as female genital mutilation, but it really should be.

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