Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Links: Hoja Project on eBay, Cervical Cancer Vaccine, and the BNP's Freephone Number

A very quick post from me, highlighting three very different causes.

First, the Hoja Project is now registered on eBay, so if you support Hoja (the charity I helped set up in Tanzania and have just spent three months volunteering for), then you can donate a portion of your eBay sales to them.

Second, Malcolm Coles has pointed out that because of all the alarmist and irresponsible reporting in the tabloid newspapers this week, actual facts about the cervical cancer vaccine are not faring very well on Google's search engine.  People who are worried are actually finding lots of pages full of lies and misinformation.  So you can help websites like the NHS appear higher on the search results by linking to them like this - cervical cancer jab - if you have your own blog or website.

Third, the ever excellent Conform, Consume, Obey is the second site I've seen point out that the BNP have a freephone number, which they have to pay for everytime someone rings them.  The worry is that people might call them from payphones and then leave the phone off the hook, thus racking up a huge bill for them.  Disgraceful behaviour, and obviously I wouldn't encourage anyone to do anything of the sort...

[Edit: I've heard a vicious rumour that the BNP freephone line is "no longer accepting anonymous calls".  And it apparently originated from Popbitch.]

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