Sunday, May 03, 2009

You Silly Sausage! You Left Your Keys In A Phone Box!

Yesterday, if you weren't already aware, I started an experimental Internet campaign to reunite someone with their keys, which they lost in Hyde Park in London.

The hub of the mission is this Facebook group. If you haven't already, please do join the group, and me on my lost cause. And then invite all of your friends. Particularly if they live in London. It'll be a riot.

Hopefully it won't actually end in a riot.

In other news, there are 2 weeks, 2 hours and 27 minutes from the time I type this until the time I'm scheduled to take off for Tanzania. I'm quite excited.

On Tuesday I'll be having my last rabies injection, and my last cholera drink. I'll be speaking to Lucy from COCO about what exactly I'll be doing in Tanzania, so that's clear for everyone.

And I still need to buy a netbook, which I decided ages ago is going to be the Samsung NC10, as it has by far the best battery life out there, as well as a phat (yes, phat with a 'ph', it's that good) 160GB hard drive, rather larger than most netbooks.

I'm going to need to dip into my ISA again. That's unemployment and investing in several expensive pieces of equipment for you. And excitement. I'm very excited.

Oh, and I'm also very excited about something else, which I'm not going to talk about on here yet. So ner.

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