Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tribute To A Fallen Owl

On Wednesday night Mwenyekiti shot an owl. Through the eye. Aside from my horror I was quite impressed with his marksmanship. So was he - he was proudly showing it to the neighbours in front of the house when I woke up the next morning.

That particular evening will enter into the top twenty strangest nights of my life, at the very least. When we heard the gunshot I thought the generator had exploded, which was running so we could watch the European Cup Final on the television. Except the television continued to work just fine, and shortly after I saw Mwenyekiti's headtorch race round the side of the house, he came back with his prize.

(I should probably point out that owls are considered bad omens in Tanzania.)

Unfortunately we couldn't receive whichever channel the match was on, so we stayed up watching badly dubbed South American soap operas and badly acted heartwarming dramas about American country singers, for no good reason. Thankfully, it did mean that I wasn't subjected to watching Manchester United losing 2-0 to Barcelona. Every cloud and all that...

Several children have also been teaching me the Swahili names for things in the evenings just before sunset, and I have been teaching them the English names, and we have been playing bingo and singing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

I'm quietly making them a book with lots of pictures of things in it, with the English words. So far I've done house, various bits of furniture, people, body parts (still attached, obviously, it's not a grisly guide to serial killing), and cooking and school equipment.

Yesterday we did some filming talking to members of IGP (Income Generation Project) groups yesterday, and it was much more successful than the filming last Sunday. Only a handful of very well behaved children around, and no drunks or animals. Or sticks for the drunks to throw at the animals. It all seemed much more relaxed and we visited a couple of the IGPs. All a bit man-heavy though. We need to see more women and youth on the film.

Going all the way back to the village on the back of the Hoja pikipiki today. I'm getting well used to the idea that riding helmetless on the back of a motorcycle is virtually unavoidable, unless the one bus a day happens to be convenient. I'm not so keen on tarmacked roads, but it can't really be helped.

This afternoon/evening is football practice, as there's a match tomorrow, and when Mwenyekiti asked this morning whether I coach football, I told him I'd play if it was just a practice. He enthusiastically then told everyone we passed, so now everyone knows the mzungu is playing football this afternoon.

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