Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leaving for Songea in the Morning


You'll be glad to know that I survived the beach. We only went for a look, stayed near the car and then left again, because it turns out that "completely safe" means "completely deserted", and so not at all safe, judging by the last time I went to a completely deserted beach.

You'll be also glad to know that I am still in possession of all of my valuables. They're sat between my legs right now, as a matter of fact (fnarr fnarr).

Mostly today has been spent driving round in Paul's car again, doing business with gravel and cement businessmen (for Paul's plot of land, which we went and looked at yesterday), visiting the largest shopping centre in Dar (weirdly deserted and quite depressing), and then going to a bar by the beach, called Cine Club.

When we arrived at Cine Club, I was rather nervous, as all we could see when we stopped the car was an incompletely constructed night club, which just looked derelict. Paul assured me there was a nice bar behind it, and lo and behold, there was. And very empty and peaceful too.

I did, however, get told off for going on the swings, which "are not for you, sir".

Tomorrow shall be fun. Up at 5am for a 6am 14 hour bus ride to Songea. Yippee.

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