Monday, September 03, 2007


I was a bit fed up in Moshi earlier today. I have now bought lots of tat though, and have met some nice people, both Irish and Tanzanian, rather than just getting annoyed at the Moshites bothering me to buy stuff.

I have a change of plan too. Oswin texted me yesterday to tell me that we have to change the date I'm visiting Mpandangindo. I was rather worried he'd mess up my plans completely, but I have his email now and it will make things easier.

So now I'm going back to Dar tomorrow, as planned, seeing Vende, Baraka and Bongo at the very least, then to Iringa on 7th to see Getruda, and then Songea on 10th to go to Oswin's village, rather than Mbeya beforehand.

He had wanted me to go on 15th. Now I can go to Mbeya after and get the train back to Dar on the TANZAR line from there, and hopefully have a day or two extra spare in Dar as a result. Which will probably be spent on the beach.


Unfortunately the research in Mpandangindo will involve cycling to six different villages to carry out the survey with Standard Seven students (top juniors, about 13-16 years old).

I feel more purposeful now anyway.

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