Monday, August 20, 2007

WIN!!! (...something)

Well, travel time comes around again, and this time I'm returning to Tanzania for the first time in three years. I'll be righting the wrong of not having climbed Kilimanjaro last time around, the highest mountain in Africa, I'll be seeing old friends Vende, Getruda, and hopefully a few more others, and I'll be visiting Oswin's home village of Mpandangindo.

Mpandangindo is the village helped by the Hoja Project, a charity of which I'm a trustee. So far we've helped furnish and equip the local secondary school that the Government recently built, and we have donors who sponsor some local children through the school. Research has also been carried out to determine the community's needs and an accredited vocational training centre has been approved, for which I'm told the money will be provided by the charity COCO.

I haven't been to Oswin's village before so I'm really looking forward to going and seeing in person what's happened as a result of friends, family and people I've never met making the effort to help make a difference on the other side of the world.

I'll be walking up Kili with the organisation Discover Adventure, and I'll be taking a pedometer up with me to see how many steps I take from the bottom to top.

And this is where you can win something. I'll be buying or acquiring something interesting and unusual while I'm in Tanzania, and I'll send it to the person who predicts closest to the final pedometer reading I take.

So if you go to the Hoja Project's donation page (CLICK HERE) and donate at least £2 (that's the minimum the site will allow), and take a guess at the final pedometer reading in the comments box, you could win something interesting. I'll let you know when I acquire the prize. I promise I'll make it something "a bit special". There may even be more than one.

Make sure you put your guess in the comments box, and have some way of my contacting you if you're someone I don't know.

All of the money (aside from the small admin cut) goes to the Hoja Project, none of it goes towards what is largely a month-long holiday for me. I've paid for the cost of flights, the trek, insurance and everything else myself.

I fly tomorrow night, and I'm rather excited, dontcha know. See you all again sometime after the 24th September.

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