Friday, August 24, 2007

All Hail Mozilla!

I very nearly couldn't bore you with a long post today. The computer I started on wouldn't show Blogger properly, and then this computer wouldn't either. Then I noticed that this computer has Firefox, so I can post now. All hail Mozilla, the large organisation that is less evil than Microsoft because it is smaller than Microsoft!

I ended up going to the museum yesterday, which is much better than I remember it being. I think last time I was with Lauren and Althea, and I was very tired and couldn't be bothered reading all the entries. This time I was very tired and I wanted to keep out of the way of all the people trying to sell me things on the street, so I read most of the entries in the "History of Tanzania" section, and it was quite interesting.

I particularly like the end of the description of John Hanning Speke in the section on Western explorers:

"Speke started his exploration of inland and coastal regions of East Africa because of an invitation from Sir Richard Burton. During his quest to find the source of the Nile, Speke traveled through East Africa via old trade routes in Tanzania and Uganda. He is responsible for the naming of Lake Victoria, after the Queen Victoria of Britain. In September 1864, Speke accidentally shot himself while hunting."

It reminded me immediately of the first episode of Blackadder the Third, when they rig the by-election, and the only voter "accidentally brutally cut his own head off whilst shaving".

I followed the museum with a visit to The Honey Pot, where I indulged in a couple of samosas and maandazi (deep fried doughnut-y bread things), wowed them with my Swahili (I was getting more confident by this point, and it's easy to impress people who expect you to know none), and asked them where the toilet was (no, I'm fine, regular as clockwork).

The toilet was supposedly down the alley and round the back, but when I got there some chap stopped me, claiming no one was allowed down the alley without telling him what they were doing there. Then he decided that a visit to the toilet would cost me 500 shillings (the same as half an hour of internet here), and told me he would go an unlock it for me. At which point I decided it would be sensible not to bother.

I met up with Vende and we caught the ferry back, then drank beer on the beach while the sun went down on the city over the other side. We stopped off at a cafe round the corner from his house and had rice with meat and beans, and little bit of green stuff, before going back to Vende's and dropping onto the armchair and dozing off while CNN went round and round and round in circles.

I'm really tired now so I think I'll just leave it there 'til later. I met a couple of very interesting characters this morning and it wouldn't be right to leave them out.

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